Everyday programs like Outlook, Excel, Word, and even Windows all have about a hundred thousand features, about 98% of which you will never use. That is why training classes for businesses are unproductive. You go to one of these training seminars and spend hours learning things you don't care about and will never use, and still don't know how to do the few things you actually went to the training to learn.

BVT Services will come into your office, train you at YOUR computer, and teach you what you want to know. We will have a conversation with you before the training and find out what you want to know and how you use your applications. We will then tailor a training session specifically for you and teach you the things which will make your life easier and get you back to being productive.

Applications change over time, sometimes you just need a little help learning the new version. We can do that. Training is very important. If you have the time to learn it yourself, and play with your applications to figure out everything you can do with them, then you have more time than most small business owners. They need to be focused on their business, not learning the latest program or gadget. We can teach you how to use your applications or technology the way you need to use it, which is not necessarily how it was meant to be used, and definitely not the way typical training seminars will teach you how to use it.

Give us a call and find out what we can teach you!