Proper Planning is the key to success. You have heard that many times. It is not only true for how you handle business, finances, projects, and your life, but it is also true for technology. Poor planning can lead to disaster or headaches. Whether you have an office running now and feel you might not be utilizing your technology and what is available today to the best of your ability, or you are setting up a new office, or expanding (or even downsizing), BVT Services can come into your office and discuss with you how to best utilize technology in your office and in your scenario. We are a small Vermont company just like you, and we understand the mindset. We will not recommend you go to a multi-thousand dollar server and upgrade to the latest and greatest computers for your 6 person office. We have seen many times companies like Dell talk a small Vermont company into getting a server that can handle 50+ employees which they did not need for their 5-person office. We will plan a solution designed around you and we understand your needs. We will try to utilize the technology you have, integrate it into the plan, and save you money.

We can also assist in connecting multiple locations, dealing with remote users, handling network speed problems, and general performance issues with your technology. We will sit down with you, discuss how you do things today, and understand where you want to be in the future, so we can help you make a plan that gets you there.

Give us a call and see how we can streamline your business or assist in your upgrade.